Accounting & Financials


Kernel Software has one of the most comprehensive Sales Ledgers on the market.

It allows you to create a quotation and move it through all of the stages necessary to invoice it, including the order and despatch stage.

Pricing and stock control are also important and both are very comprehensive in Kernel Software, with full reporting, both system and custom, to back them up.


Kernel Software has complete customer details available to you at the click of a button.

Kernel provides consistent and and readily available information on customers, and empowers your staff by enabling rapid access to key information.

The customer view allows you to not only see all the transactions for each customer, but also to drill down into each transaction and see the lines behind each invoice, or the allocations against it. Any transactions can be reprinted easily from this screen. All of the customers special prices can be easily seen, and if they have multiple addresses, they are shown also.


Quotations are an integral part of many businesses and Kernel Software has the ability to handle these with ease.

For a lot of businesses their sales start as quotations, these can be changed over and over until the customer has exactly what they require. With Kernel, you can constantly check that the items they require are in stock.

Upon confirmation of an order, stock can be allocated and a purchase order created for any specific item that is not in stock.


Without sales orders businesses would simply not exist, but without an easy way to place and review orders many companies are leaving themselves open to losing out on business, Kernel Software makes sure that you have all the information that you need when you need it.

Easy tracking of sales orders placed allows for better stock management by allowing stock managers to see what's coming up. The items can be taken out of stock for that order and manufacturing can see what needs to be built in the coming days and weeks.


Kernel Software affords you many options when despatching goods.

Some goods are despatched on their own, or a lot of orders may be despatched together in one van. Sometimes it may be important to make sure that the first delivery is loaded last, and what about those despatch dockets and labels for every box?

Whatever your specific despatching requirements you can be assured that Kernel Software can handle it.


Without regular Invoicing, cashflow dries up, Kernel Software has many facilities to aid in invoice and cash flow management.

Kernel Software allows you to easily create invoices and send them via email to save money and time.

Invoices can re reprinted at any stage, both individually and in batches.

However you wish to issue invoices, Kernel Software can accommodate it.


Are you spending more time checking prices than selling?

Kernel software makes it easy to set up and maintain prices in many different ways.

Everyone charges their customers differently, different customers have different prices, groups of customers have different prices as do different product groups and then there are additional discounts, the list goes on.

Kernel Software has many pricing structures built in which can be used in conjunction with each other but all are easy to maintain and update.


Kernel Software has many inbuilt reports to help you run your sales ledger more effectively.

Standard sales system reports include transactions audits in detail and summary format, VAT reports, nominal summary and detail, aged debt, unallocated transactions, debtors ledger and statements, and all of these have multiple selection criteria so that you can get at the exact information that you need easily and quickly. Stock reports build on that and give both sales and stock managers details on stock levels, valuations, pricing, movements and many more.

Again there are many criteria for selecting out these reports to get a more focused view of your business. All of the normal month end reports are grouped into one useful screen where they can be printed off in one batch, saving you time at the month end.

Custom Solutions

Kernel Software has been involved in customising the requirements of many customers.

As often as not prospective customers come to us with specific requirements that are unique to their business or the way they do business. Thanks to the unique way that Kernel Software is designed we can incorporate these requirements into the system easily and cost effectively.


Kernel Software has one of the most complete Purchases Ledgers available on the market today.

As well as having complete supplier details, there is also a fully integrated Purchases Order Module

Purchase Ordering links into the Stock control to provide instant Stock On Order and Overdue Stock.

GRN'ing helps to keep stock control in order, and the matching of purchase invoices to purchase orders ensures full traceability.


Kernel Software supplier file is very similar to the customer file. It offers you the ability to see all of the dealing that you have with a supplier on one handy screen.

All of the invoices are together, showing outstanding ones first, purchase orders are on another tab and any special prices that you may have are clearly viewed on the special prices tab. Printing and reprinting of the transactions can also be done from here.

Purchase Orders

The Purchase Order module in Kernel offers unrivalled detail to be entered for any transaction.

Security can be set at a user level, ensuring that only those with the proper limits may place an order above the pre-approved value. PO's link into the stock control side of Kernel Software ensuring that the stock control manager can see exactly what's on order at any time and the lead time of that product.


Warehouse managers need to know what's coming in and when. Kernel Software gives them the option of pre printing the GRN's so that when deliveries come in there are no costly delays. The GRN's can also be set to update the quantity in stock of the particular items on that order.


Purchase invoices can be tied into purchase orders so that there is a tight control on purchasing.

Invoices can be matched to Purchase Orders or can be entered independently without the need for a purchase order.

Invoices that are due for payment can be clearly flagged, and can also be put on hold if required.


Kernel Software's Purchase reports offer a comprehensive range of reporting options.

Outstanding PO's, under deliveries, invoices due for payment, VAT reports and many more as well as custom reports designed to fit your business's unique requirements.


Controls are very important in any business and in all software packages.

In Kernel Software, there are multiple controls in the system to ensure that everything is running smoothly and in balance.

Reports validate against each other to ensure the integrity of the software.


Remittance advice is an important part of paying suppliers.

With Kernel Software not only can you print out a remittance advice for every supplier but you can also print out a cheque saving you time at the month end.

Remittances can be created based on several criteria including by supplier, due days on the supplier account, days from the invoice date and many more.

Custom Solutions

Purchase ledger customisations can be built into the system with ease and affordability.

We feel that the way you run your business should not change just because you are changing your accounting software, so we change the software to match your business.

All changes are incorporated into the application so they do not slow the system down, but enhance the way you do business.

Stock Control

Kernel Stock Control effectively manages the flow of products in and out of the warehouse.

• Transactions right from Purchase Order to delivery of goods from the warehouse are catered for

• Immediate and automatic updates form Sales and Purchase Ledgers

• Multi Location stock is standard. Any number of locations or warehouses can be catered for

• Batch Numbers and Best before dates can be automatically monitored

• Full End to End Batch Traceability module available

• Various Costing systems catered for e.g. Last Cost, Average Cost, Standard Cost, FIFO

• Easily Perform Stock Takes and Cycle Counts

• Import Stock Details from your Suppliers Excel File

• Kernel Stock Control integrates seamlessly with a number of third party WMS packages (Warehouse Management Software)

Bill of Materials

Kernel Bill Of Materials (BOM) module full Bill of Material management functionality including:

• Complete BOM revision control and audit trail

• "Where Used" information available on all items/parts

• Comprehensive importing/exporting/reporting to and from various file formats

• Seamless integration with Kernel Stock Control module

• Complete BOM hierarchy viewing from a single form

• Automatic Inventory re-costing based on costs and labour from components

• Ideally suited to Food/Ingredient as well as Product/Process Manufacturing

• Integrates with Batch Traceability module to record full history by Batch

Cash Book

Kernel Software has a fully integrated cash book module which allows for greater control over cash flow.

As well as allowing for an unlimited number of bank accounts, in any currency, this module also allows you to perform all of the necessary bank transactions and reconcile the bank accounts.

Reporting is paramount when dealing with cash and there are powerful built-in system reports available which can also be supplemented with custom reports that reflect any customers needs.

Bank Accounts

Kernel Software being a fully multi currency application allows you not only to have as many bank accounts as you like but also have them in any currency that you want.

This means that you can transact completely in a foreign currency from purchases through to sales and then make and receive payments in that currency.

The bank accounts are automatically updated from any lodgements and payments made in other ledgers ensuring that your systems are always up to date.

Each bank account can have its own details including different nominal codes for the bank account and charges.


Kernel Software offers a number of different options when transferring money across bank accounts, from transfers between same currency bank accounts to transfers across accounts in different currencies.

Payments & Receipts

Payments and Receipts that are not entered via the Sales or Purchase Ledgers can be directly entered via the Bank System (e.g. Rents, Bank Charges etc.)

The purchases payments are automatically integrated into the cash.

Recurring transaction can also be set up to include regular payments, e.g. the monthly rent.

Payments can be entered singly or in batches, including several different banks allowing for maximum flexibility.


The Cash Book/Bank Module has several reports that allow you to see the exact status of your bank account and all transactions that affect them.

These reports include an Audit report of all transactions by period and bank account if necessary. The Bank balances report shows the current balance in the bank accounts.

There is an unreconciled transactions reports that shows all unreconciled transactions by bank account and source (Sales/Purchases/Cash Book) if needed.

The detailed report section lets you have multiple types of reports from the one screen. These can come from any or all sources, be in detail or summary format, and have a number of selection criteria.

All of the reports can be printed to the screen or printer or Excel. We also create customer specific reports where a particular report is required that is not available in the system reports.

Nominal Ledger

Kernel Software has a fully integrated nominal ledger.

Information from the Sales, Stock, Purchases and Cash Book all come together here to provide managers with timely and accurate information.

The nominal ledger provides you will all of the necessary reports and tools that you need to make the important decisions.

Cost Centres

Cost Centres can be used to great effect in Kernel Software to release valuable information about your company. Your company can have as many cost centres as required , split for any reason, such as business function or location. The codes and descriptions can accurately reflect the way you run your business.

Account Codes

Account Codes can be also be to great effect in Kernel. Used in conjunction with the cost centres ,very detailed information can be analysed from the system.

Account Codes make up the Chart Of Accounts. The chart of accounts is a complete list of financial account codes into which financial transactions are posted and from which financial reports are produced.


Journals are an integral part of running any successful Nominal Ledger and Kernel Software makes this easy.

Journals are easily entered and can be adjusted and added to before being accepted into the accounts giving you maximum flexibility. As well as an option to do a general journal you can also do reversing journals and recurring journals. Reversing journals reverse themselves when the next month end routine is done. Recurring journals can be set up to recur at certain monthly intervals over a timeframe, e.g every two months for a year. Journals can be entered for prior periods and detailed descriptions can be entered for them. There is an automatic check on all journals that ensures that an out of balance journal is never entered.


In controlling your business few things rival the importance of accurate reporting. The nominal ledger gives you the same high level or reports that you see throughout Kernel. As well as listing of cost centres and account codes full financial information is available. A trial balance, profit & loss and balance sheet are available along with a nominal control account. A detailed nominal movements report can show you what transactions have taken place in any given period and allows you to focus on one cost centre or account code, or group of them, if needs be. All of these reports are available to screen or printer and there is an option to print them in one batch saving time and effort.


Getting all of your company's information into the Nominal Ledger can be arduous in some systems, but with Kernel Software it is possible to integrate with just one easy click. Interface Sales, Purchases, Cash Book information when you need it quickly and easily.

Period Accounts

Kernel Software is a period based accounting solution. This provides companies with the maximum flexibility by not locking them into set date ranges for their accounts.